Garuda Bird

Garuda Bird
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Jun 7, 2010

Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National park is an isolated untamed wilderness on the southwestern tip of Java. The Dutch opened this park in 1921 to protect the threatened Javanese rhinoceros. Now the area covers about 760 sq km including Panaitan Island. It is one of the best places in Java for wildlife spotting. There are many kinds of animal species, which can be seen. They are birds, wild pigs, hornbills, river otters, deer, crocodiles and the Javanese rhinoceros. The crocodiles and the Javanese rhinoceros are rare seen but we never know.
The best time to visit Ujung Kulon is between April and October. To get there and to get information about the park the visitors have to go to Labuhan where the PHPA at the coastal road can give us all information and arranges our permit for the park. An entry permit is needed, issued by the Forestry Service / PHPA (Perlindungan Hutan dan Pelestarian Alam) at Labuan. From here we can also take the boat to Ujung Kulon. The boat leaves on Mondays and Fridays and returns on Sundays and Thursdays.

Handeuleum Island is at the northern bay of Ujung Kulon and offers also a small guesthouse. Peucang Island at the western tip of Ujung Kulon also has a guesthouse and also a small restaurant. Marine life in the surrounding seas is a kaleidoscope of colors. Beautiful sea gardens are found off Peucang and Panaitan islands. From one of these two islands we can start to explore the park. In the park are several posts of the PHPA where we can stay over for the night. If we want to hike in the park we must hire a guide from the PHPA in Tamanjaya. It is wise to bring our own food and sleeping back if we want to stay over for the night in the park. If we want to walk around the whole park along the tracks it will take us about 3 three days (45km). On the western tip of the peninsula is a lighthouse built by the Dutch, which stands near the site of the ruins of the old one.

 Author:  Muchlis Febrianto (114070100)

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Karang Bolong Beach

The name Karang Bolong means Rock (karang/batu) with a hole ( bolong/lubang). This may have been some forza lava, formed during the eruption of Mount Krakatau. Karang Bolong beach is the beach tourist object where there is a big  rock with its hole in the middle, overlooking  to the open sea. The rock forms a gate facing the sea, making its look very beautiful. There is a small forest, which has been converted into a place of recreation. There is a river flowing down to the sea where people can have a bath of fresh water after swimming in the sea. Karang bolong beach is located 50 km from serang town or 140 km from Jakarta, on karang bolong street.

 Author:  Muchlis Febrianto (114070100) 
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What is Rawon?
Rawon is a meal con­sisting of spe­cial spicy beef soup.Com­monly, the beef is cut into bite sized pieces. The spicy soup is made of ground mix­ture of spices cooked in oil until it is aro­matic. Then the spice is poured into boiled stock along with beef. The spe­cial dark/black color of rawon comes from keluak as prime spice. It is served with rice, com­pleted with small bean sprouts, leek, chips, and sambal.This original recipe is from Surabaya, Indonesia
After you have this meal, im very sure you must be love with Indonesian special food...slurrrppppp


Ahmad Adrian (111061047)

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Special food from bali --------- Lawar Bali

What is Lawar?
In addition Guling Pig, Lawar also a favorite Balinese cuisine. Lawar made from a mixture of meat ,young jackfruit, papaya complete with Balinese spices. Lawar usually served as side dishes and eaten in a days after carrying out traditional ceremonies by way of buffet.

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Banggai Islands

Banggai Islands are historically part of the Banggai Kingdom who was known since 13th century, as contained in "Negarakertagama" by Empu Prapanca at  1478 or 1365 the Saka yearBanggai Kingdom, initially only cover an area of Banggai Islands, but later is united with Banggai Darat by Adi Cokro whose surname is Mumbu Doi JavaCokro's brother who is a warlord of the Ternate Kingdom, who married a Portuguese princess, have a son named Mandapar. Mandapar who  known as the First King of Banggai  inaugurated in 1600 by Sultan Said Berkad Syam from the Ternate KingdomKing Mandapar whose surname is Mumbu Godong Doi led Banggai until 1625.

The remains of the the Banggai Kingdom  which was built in the XVI century that are still found today is Royal Palace of Banggai in the  Banggai CityIn the reign of King Syukuran Amir, the capital of the kingdom which was originally located in Banggai archipelago moved to Banggai Darat (Luwuk). 

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