Garuda Bird

Garuda Bird
The Sign of Indonesia

Jun 5, 2010


1.       Malin Kundang 
This story tells us about  a boy who lived with his mother. One day the boy is named Malin Kundang want to go wander out of the island. He departed with a wealthy merchant. In his way, Malin Kundang was successful and married a girl. Once Malin Kundang along with his wife and his liegeman set sail for home. It was his mother to wait him up at the dock of the beach. After  he is arrived at his homeland his mother  hugged him  instantly because she missed him so much. But unexpectedly Malin Kundang even encourage her,who wears a shabby and dirty cloth, to fall because he embarrased with his wife and his liegeman. The mother had prayed to god to  curse Malin Kundang into stone. The prayer of his mother  had been answered, Malin Kundang and the entire contents of his ship  became into stone.
      Stone Of Malin Kundang at Air Manis Beach

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Dayak tribes spread and settled in the hinterland of Kalimantan, precisely at the headwaters of mountains, valleys and foothills. they survive by hunting, farming and gardening. Dayak consists of seven major tribes, namely:
1. Dayak Ngaju (consisting of four small tribes and 90 tribal sedatuk)
2. Lettuce Kayan Dayak (consisting of three small tribes and 60 tribal sedatuk)
3. Dayak Iban and Heban (divided into 11 tribes sedatuk)
4. Dayak Dayak Klemantan or Army (consisting of two small tribes and 87 tribal sedatuk)
5. Dayak Murut (consisting of three small tribes and 44 tribal sedatuk)
6. Dayak Punan (consisting of four small tribes and 52 tribal sedatuk)
7. Ot Danum Dayak (consisting of 61 tribes sedatuk)

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