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Jun 7, 2010

Special food from bali --------- Lawar Bali

What is Lawar?
In addition Guling Pig, Lawar also a favorite Balinese cuisine. Lawar made from a mixture of meat ,young jackfruit, papaya complete with Balinese spices. Lawar usually served as side dishes and eaten in a days after carrying out traditional ceremonies by way of buffet.

Lawar in Bali are generally made for religious ceremonies with a mixture of fresh pig blood. But now Lawar has also become the preferred menu of many people's favorite. Various preparations are made without using any more blood. Generally the mixture as a material of which leaves starfruit, jackfruit, klungah (young coconut), which offers a different flavor. A spicy flavor that feels so, have now adjusted to the "tongue" Balinese cuisine lovers in general.
Meats used in lawar:
The meat distinguishes the type of lawar – chicken, duck, beef, pork, turtle, or even dragonfly. Although it is considered a delicacy at ceremony time, fortunately turtle lawar is becoming less and less common. Dragonfly lawar is most unusual because it takes so much time and money because you have to use so many dragonflies to fill you up! Most lawar has raw blood mixed with it but not all Balinese like this and many prefer their lawar vegetarian.


Ahmad adrian (111061047) 


  1. actually i never eat lawar yet, but maybe without dragonfy, pork, or turtle either, I'll like it...
    ryan, just send it one when you back to bali :D

  2. read the description,, see the picture , Lawar like a strange food I think... but i wanna try it....:p

  3. hahaha... hopefully,i have an empty memory to remember your word