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Jun 7, 2010


What is Rawon?
Rawon is a meal con­sisting of spe­cial spicy beef soup.Com­monly, the beef is cut into bite sized pieces. The spicy soup is made of ground mix­ture of spices cooked in oil until it is aro­matic. Then the spice is poured into boiled stock along with beef. The spe­cial dark/black color of rawon comes from keluak as prime spice. It is served with rice, com­pleted with small bean sprouts, leek, chips, and sambal.This original recipe is from Surabaya, Indonesia
After you have this meal, im very sure you must be love with Indonesian special food...slurrrppppp


Ahmad Adrian (111061047)


  1. I always love this meal... not just because my mother came from java, an unique taste that you can't find in the other meal

  2. I love Rawon, it's taste is very delicious. Rawon is originally from Surabaya east Java, but I ever read, that it familiar too in central java, Surakarta.

  3. I think rawon has a characteristic taste. Rich in spices. This proves that rawon is a genuine Indonesian cuisine. One of my favorite traditional foods.

  4. i've never try rawon but i really looking forward to try it..i hear my friends say that rawon is really delicious and i'll regret it if i don't try it..there is 1 good restaurant near my place called rawon setan and i think i'll try it soon..

  5. Waaaoooww..
    i'm very interested with this food..
    black and's taste? i think it should be delicious.
    okay.. nice info,adrian. In my country no one like this. if i have much time, i'll visit to Indonesia and i'll try this food.. thank you.. xoxo..