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Jun 3, 2010

Lunpia Semarang

Food and Beverage

         Lunpia, Loenpia, or Lumpia is a sort of food containing the bamboo shoots rollade, eggs, and chicken or shrimp. Lunpia Semarang is a blend flavors taste Tionghoa and Indonesia, because it is Tionghoa Semarang inventor who is married to an Indonesian. This began peddled food and is known in Semarang at the time the Games GANEFO during the reign of President Sukarno.

Variations Lunpia Semarang

         In Semarang today there are five "stream" lunpia Semarang with different tastes. First flow of Gang Lombok (Siem Swie Kiem), both flow Street Youth (deceased Siem Swie Hie), and third flow Mataram street (deceased Siem Hwa Nio). Third, this style is derived from one family Sing-Gwan Siem Tjoa Nio Po which is a single-in-law and daughter of the creator of lunpia Semarang, Tjoa Thay-Wasih Yoe.
         The fourth stream is the number of former employees of Street Youth spring rolls, and the fifth was the flow of people with backgrounds culinary hobby that makes spring rolls with the learning outcomes of the spring roll recipe that has been circulating.
         Currently the oldest generation, ie third generation Siem Swie Kiem (68), remained faithful to serve its customers at a kiosk patrimony (Siem Gwan Sing) in Gang Lombok 11. Privileged Lunpia Gang Lombok, according to a number of fans who had met at a kiosk is compounded bamboo sprout odorless, also a mixture of eggs and shrimp is not fishy.
         The fourth-generation artificial spring rolls can be obtained at the kiosk lunpia Siem Siok aka Mbak Lien Lien (43) in Street Youth and Road Pandanaran. Mbak Lien kiosks continue his late father, Siem Swie Hie, who was the brother of Siem Swie Kiem, in Street Youth (Grajen Gang mouth) as he opened two branches in Jalan Pandanaran.
         Mbak Lien lunpia this distinctiveness is its contents is added chicken meat concoction. When beginning to continue the business his late father, Mbak Lien makes three kinds of spring rolls, ie the contents of the shrimp spring rolls, chicken spring rolls contents (for an allergy shrimp), and contains a special spring rolls of shrimp and chicken mixture. But, because they feel much less hassle and most buyers like the special, now Mbak Lien only make one kind only, that is special to the content of bamboo shoots spring rolls of shrimp and chicken mixed.
         The other fourth generation, namely the children of the deceased Siem Nio Hwa (older sister of Siem Swie Kiem) to continue his mother's stall in Mataram street (MT Haryono street) in addition to opening new kiosks in several places in the city of Semarang. Among the deceased children of Siem Hwa Nio have also opened branches in Jakarta. There are even grandson of the late Siem Nio Hwa as the fifth generation to open their own shop in Semarang.
         In addition to the ancestral families of the creators of Lunpia Semarang, now many people "outside" that make Lunpia Semarang. They are generally former employees. Those who have also helped to enliven the culinary hobby business to make Lunpia Semarang own, like Lunpia Express, Phoa Kiem Hwa from Semarang International Family and Garden Restaurant in Jalan Gajah Mada University, Semarang.

figure 1: Lunpia basah

       Of the many lunpia Semarang, one of the most famous is Lunpia Gang Lombok. Lunpia is hereditary business now held by the third generation of the seller Lunpia Gang Lombok, Siem Swie Kiem. And until now, a large enough number of interested persons, either by regular customers as well as domestic and foreign tourists who want to just enjoy this famous lunpia.
figure 2: Lunpia kering

Price Lunpia

         Price sold lunpia these traders vary. Lunpia Gang Lombok's Kiosk Siem Swie Kiem, for example, sells at a price of Rp 6,000 per seed (fry / wet). Youth Street's Kiosk Mbak Lien sell at a price of Rp 5500 per seed. While other merchants selling spring rolls with a price of about Rp 2,500 per seed.


How to make Lunpia

Lunpia Semarang

Lunpia Seafood Recipes

         Lunpia, Loenpia, or Lumpia is oval shaped snacks made from thin sheets of skin that is filled with filling materials such as bamboo shoots, carrots, bean sprouts, shrimp, chicken or other.

Seafood Lunpia Recipe Ingredients:
    * Krispi a spring roll skin recipe
    * 150 grams of shrimp, chopped
    * 150 grams of squid, peeled, cut into small dice
    * 150 grams of snapper fillets, cut into small dice
* 100 grams of crab meat
    * 1 egg white grains
    * 750 ml cooking oil
Lunpia Recipes Seafood Marinade:
* 4 cloves garlic, minced
    * 1 pc onion, chopped
    * 1 cm ginger, grated
    * 3 tablespoons oyster sauce
    * Soy sauce 1 / 2 teaspoon
    * 1 teaspoon ground pepper
    * Salt to taste
    * Granulated sugar 1 / 2 teaspoon
* 3 stalks scallions, cut into 1 / 2 cm

How to Make Lunpia Seafood: 

- Heat oil, saute garlic and onions until fragrant. Enter the other ingredients, mix well.

- Add the shrimp, squid, snapper and crab, and cook until cooked. Remove and let cool.  

- Take the spring roll skin, place the contents on one side. Fold the left and right sides toward center, roll. Glue the edges with egg white. 

- Heat oil, fry until golden brown. Remove and drain. 

- Serve

    For 25 pieces
    Good luck  ^.^

    Author : Pradhana Riza F.


    1. Hmmm...Lunpia Semarang,
      I think this is The Famous Lunpia in Indonesia.. Sometime I bought this food for my party.. It's cheap too.. but yummy..

    2. I never taste this kind of food before. But it's interesting to try it soon.. or I'll try to make my own Lunpia with the recipe above..

      I'll call it John's Lunpia! haha..