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Jun 6, 2010


The legong dance might be the most interesting and graceful dance in the island, A legong is a girl, a young girl not older than early teens. According to the legend, this dance was inspired by the imagination of a king in 19 century. Others said that Legong was inspired by the dream of a King about goddess, the King then search the entire kingdom to find dance gurus and train them hard to make the dream close to reality.
The Legong Dance is a classic dance that has a very complex library of movement that flow along with gamelan. The word “Legong” is from the word “leg” mean elastic, elegance, and the word “gong” mean the music, so the Leg - Gong is a dance represents the epitomy of grace and femininity. The dancer has to let all the energy of the gamelan’s sounds flow to their body untill you feel shaking. The hands are the most mesmerizing, as the arms move up and about, the fingers are doing a dance of their own. They can make individual pairs of fingers flutter simultaneously, at the same time, the eyes are darting from left to right.
Style of the famous Legong dance in Bali is Peliatan style, style and style Saba Badung. Among the three styles are the most active force Peliatanlah conduct regular gig as a dance spectacle. Legong popularity began in 1931 after a group of art from Peliatan sensational European art community in the Colonial Exhibition in Paris with the performance of Legong and Calonarang. Similarly in 1952 for the second time a visit to Europe and the United States brought by a British impresario, John Coast. Thus, as a pioneer Peliatanlah Legong Bali pariwsata promotion abroad. Once berkesannya Legong appearance in London as to the BBC in London wearing tarinya procession to escort Indonesian broadcasts for decades.
After the enormous success overseas and is very famous in the country and every effort made to maintain the distinctiveness of motion tarinya. Certainly the most instrumental in forming a reliable dancers are AA Duet Made Gusti Gde Mandera with Sengog that both had died by pouring style and vocabulary of specific dance movements. Regular performances in Peliatan since 1954 with tourist arrivals sometimes once a month, then continues today with performances three times a week for domestic and foreign tourists.
The story behind legong is very stylized and symbolic, involves three dancers, the two legong and their attendant, the congong. The legongs are beautifully dressed tightly with gold brocade that so surprising they can move so rapidly.

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