Garuda Bird

Garuda Bird
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Jun 7, 2010

Karang Bolong Beach

The name Karang Bolong means Rock (karang/batu) with a hole ( bolong/lubang). This may have been some forza lava, formed during the eruption of Mount Krakatau. Karang Bolong beach is the beach tourist object where there is a big  rock with its hole in the middle, overlooking  to the open sea. The rock forms a gate facing the sea, making its look very beautiful. There is a small forest, which has been converted into a place of recreation. There is a river flowing down to the sea where people can have a bath of fresh water after swimming in the sea. Karang bolong beach is located 50 km from serang town or 140 km from Jakarta, on karang bolong street.

 Author:  Muchlis Febrianto (114070100) 

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