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Jun 4, 2010

The Beauty of Dieng Plateau

Dieng is one tourist destination in Central Java Plateau, which is very unique in the Dieng plateau is steep and rugged but it is planted by a variety of plants and vegetables. Since the first, the Dieng plateau region is located in Wonosobo regency is known as a center for various kinds of plants and vegetables, besides the morning Dieng was very cool and we do not know when the fog fell which made the atmosphere became more mystical.

Exotica scene of this region have no doubt, there are many objects that you can enjoy the landscape. Like the color of one lake Telaga the most visited by tourists, here we can see three kinds of lake is blue, green and brown. Although there are many other lakes such as lake Merdada, Sumurup and Pengilon.
In addition to Lake and scenic tourist attraction, we can enjoy the object of historical architecture. Here there are ancient Hindu temple ruins site that supposedly was built the same era with the construction of Borobudur temple, around the 8th century AD It was the center spread of the first Hindu in Central Java. The hindu community archaeologist believes high land of Dieng is the inception of the Dinasty Syailendra its time to build monumental temples in history. In addition we also found the ruins of the temple ruins of the rest - the rest of the royal past. What is unique, Dieng temples around the characters is named wayang Five Pandavas. There are four groups of temples namely groups and Parikshit Dwarawati Temple, Temple Which are east Dwarawati groups, groups Setyaki Temple, Ontorejo, Petruk, Nala Gareng, and Nakula-Sadewa, as well as groups of temple Arjuna, Semar, Sembodro, Puntadewa, and Srikandi.Kelompok templelocated It is situated at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and was found in about the year 1800.

High land of Dieng craters are still active, because they still produce hot sulfur and some are poisonous. If you are interested to visit there are several craters in this area should ask the people around, the crater where it is reasonably safe to visit. One of the most famous crater Candradimuka crater, named for the story of Gatot Kaca is melted dikawah. Way to go this place is very uphill and winding road that is very sharp. 
Dieng Plateau has only a single point of entry, that is from Wonosobo, if you want to come here to pass this area first. Whereas if you're from the direction from the direction of Yogyakarta Magelang and should continue to Wonosobo. And be prepared to enjoy the natural charm and exotic Dieng.
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