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Jun 7, 2010

Banggai Islands

Banggai Islands are historically part of the Banggai Kingdom who was known since 13th century, as contained in "Negarakertagama" by Empu Prapanca at  1478 or 1365 the Saka yearBanggai Kingdom, initially only cover an area of Banggai Islands, but later is united with Banggai Darat by Adi Cokro whose surname is Mumbu Doi JavaCokro's brother who is a warlord of the Ternate Kingdom, who married a Portuguese princess, have a son named Mandapar. Mandapar who  known as the First King of Banggai  inaugurated in 1600 by Sultan Said Berkad Syam from the Ternate KingdomKing Mandapar whose surname is Mumbu Godong Doi led Banggai until 1625.

The remains of the the Banggai Kingdom  which was built in the XVI century that are still found today is Royal Palace of Banggai in the  Banggai CityIn the reign of King Syukuran Amir, the capital of the kingdom which was originally located in Banggai archipelago moved to Banggai Darat (Luwuk). 

Banggai islands have no resort or any kind of tourist infrastructure. The archipelago is constituted of a few main islands and a myriad of islets. There are a few basic losemens in the village of Banggai.There, you can rent motorbike to visit the Banggai islands (one day) that has fantastic beaches on the east coast,or some outriggers to visit the nearest islands. Good snorkelling in Monsonan bay where you can see the Banggai Cardinal fishes, a beautiful endemic fish. There are public boat to Bangkulu island, and you can stay in the village of Lantibung where the inhabitants will offer you hospitality. From there charter an outriggers to the surrounding islets of Katini and Siceh. 

How to get there:

Passengers boat every day . Departures at night and arrives at early morning in Banggai village. Pelni boats from Bitung to Makassar also reach Banggai. We can also organize the charter of a local boat from Luwuk for a few days cruise.

Nuance of the beauty of the sea and underwater gardens, makes a lot of tourists can not forget the beauty of the beach paradise in Sulawesi.

For those who like adventure, Banggai Islands is a very convenient spot because every district is separated by sea and in every district there are tourist attractions, and in general, still natural.

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author : Aris Evanda 


  1. Nice place to visit, with clean ocean water and bright white sand..,,

  2. salam bwt bapak dan ibu pocin... juga ibu makanan padang.. juga burjo... saya sayang mreka smuaa..

  3. sorry,.,,you history off banggai is wrong,banggai kingdom no breathing from banggai islam to LUWUK,,,you history wrong....!!