Garuda Bird

Garuda Bird
The Sign of Indonesia

Jun 5, 2010


1.       Malin Kundang 
This story tells us about  a boy who lived with his mother. One day the boy is named Malin Kundang want to go wander out of the island. He departed with a wealthy merchant. In his way, Malin Kundang was successful and married a girl. Once Malin Kundang along with his wife and his liegeman set sail for home. It was his mother to wait him up at the dock of the beach. After  he is arrived at his homeland his mother  hugged him  instantly because she missed him so much. But unexpectedly Malin Kundang even encourage her,who wears a shabby and dirty cloth, to fall because he embarrased with his wife and his liegeman. The mother had prayed to god to  curse Malin Kundang into stone. The prayer of his mother  had been answered, Malin Kundang and the entire contents of his ship  became into stone.
      Stone Of Malin Kundang at Air Manis Beach

2.       Sangkuriang
When Sangkuriang hunting in the woods and sent the Tumang to pursue a female pig named Wayungyang. Because the Tumang not obeyed, and executed. Heart of the Tumang by Sangkuriang given to Dayang Sumbi, then cooked and eaten. After Dayang Sumbi know that he had eaten the heart of the Tumang, his anger was heightened immediately hit Sangkuriang’s Head with a spoon  made from coconut shell so that the wounds.

Sangkuriang go wandering around the world. After a long walk came to the place of origin and meets a beautiful princess. Sangkuriang not recognize that the beautiful princess that he found was Dayang Sumbi - his mother. Then love growt between both of them. Dayang accidentally Sangkuriang Sumbi knew that is his son, with a head wound. Yet he still forced to marry her Sangkuriang. Dayang Sumbi requested that Sangkuriang make Boat and Talaga (lake) in one night on the Citarum river. Sangkuriang undertook it.

The boat then be made from a tree that grows in the East direction, stump / principal tree stump turned into a mountain hill. Branches stacked next to form the Mountain West and Burangrang. With the help of Guriang, the dam was almost completed. But Dayang Sumbi beg to Sang Hyang Tunggal that Sangkuriang’s desire cannot be realized. Dayang Sumbi spreaded a number of Boeh Rarang (white cloth weaving results), when it was also the dawn broke on the eastern horizon. Sangkuriang became upset, at his peak anger, the dam is located in Sanghyang Tikoro had been broken down by him, plug of Citarum river had been thrown to the east and transformed into Mount Manglayang. Talaga Bandung water became receded. Boat that he has made a great effort kicked to the north and changed into Mount Tangkubanperahu.
        Mount Tangkuban Perahu
Sangkuriang continue pursuing Dayang Sumbi that is suddenly disappeared in Gunung Putri and turned into a bunch of Jaksi flowers . The Sangkuriang after arriving at a place called Ujung Berung finally disappearing into faerie (Ngahiyang).

3.       Lara Jonggrang
 One day there lived a fairy named Bondowoso. He has conquered the palace of Prambanan. There he fell in love with a princess named Lara Jonggrang. Bondowoso stated that he would marry her, Loro Jonggrang propose some conditions.

Condition is that he made a thousand temples and two deep wells. Everything should be finished overnight.
Bondowoso undertakes it, though somewhat objection. He requested the help of his own father, the person who has a host of supernatural spirits.

On the appointed day, along with his followers Bondowoso and supernatural spirits began to build a temple that large amounts of it. It is very surprising ways and speed with which they work. After four hours of the morning only five temples which should be prepared.
unexpectedly it was already nearing completion.

All the residents of Castle Prambanan become confused because they believe that all the requirements will be met Lara Jonggrang. What should be done? Soon the girls was awakened and told to pound rice in a mortar and sprinkled scented flowers. Hearing the sound of mortar and smell the fragrant flowers, fine spirits to stop their work because they thought it was already noon. Making less of a temple, but what about to say, spirits stop doing his job, without their help Bondowoso can not possibly finish it.
    Statue Of Lara Jonggrang
On the next day Bondowoso knew that his job was failed, he felt a great anger. He cursed the girls around Prambanan - nobody would want to marry them until they become old maids. While Lara Jonggrang was cursed to be a statue.That Arca was located in a large temple hall called Lara Jonggrang Temple. The Temples around Lara Jonggrang Temple called Sewu Temple that is mean  a thousand of temples. 
        Prambanan Temples

By Afif Azhar (111060158)
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  1. Indonesia is very rich in culture, the stories about the history of various cultures and regions and the origin of an event. For us young Indonesian people not to forget everything because of the influence of western culture, our task to preserve everything that is not extinct and stolen other peoples.

  2. Interesting traditional epic tale, hope our latest generation of students not forgot this