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May 31, 2010

Soto, sroto, or coto

Soto, sroto, or coto is a typical Indonesian food made from meat and vegetable broth. The most common meat used is beef and chicken, but also pork and lamb. Various regions in Indonesia have their own type of soup, with different content, such as Kediri Soto soto Madura, Soto Betawi, Soto Padang, soto Bandung, Sokaraja soto, soto Banjar, coto Makassar. Soto was also named according to the contents, for example, soto ayam, soto tripe, goat soup. Soto has many similarities with the soup.

Because there are several kinds of soup in Indonesia, each has a way of presenting different. Soto was served with a variety of side dishes, such as crackers, perkedel/berkedel, melinjo chips, chilli sauce, peanut sauce, and others. And also it is with such other additional, boiled egg satay, satay shells, lime, koya (mixed stack of crackers with garlic), egg, etc.. As we have knowed that the Indonesian staple food is rice, so the soup is usually served with rice as the main menu.

However, there are differences in terms of rice is the main menu. Most soup with rice was served separately, such as Soto Betawi, Soto Padang, and others. However, there is also served along with rice or rice soup mix, for example Holy Soto. In addition, there is also a kind of soup served with rice cake or rice cooked with banana leaf, for example Coto Makassar. Then, there is also the use of noodles, not rice as the main menu, for example Soto Mie Bogor.


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Author : Lucky Widya Pramesti (114080020)

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  1. Hmmm .... looks delicious
    I want to try it, especially coto
    Does every kind of soup in Indonesia have different tastes?