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May 31, 2010

Piece of history from the Indonesian fighters

Who does not know this one historian, he is renowned for its youth leaders heroism in stimulating the people to resist the return of Dutch colonizers through NICA troops (British and allies). He is Bung Tomo. His struggle began in front of a table radio broadcasts and articles in newspapers. With a loud and passionate speech, he tried to prod Indonesian fighters fighting spirit. This is a piece of the word struggle from him.
The brothers of the people of Surabaya.
Be prepared! Precarious condition. But I warn you once again. Do not start shooting. Only when we shot. Then we'll change it to attack them. We show that we are people who really want to be independent. And for we brethren. We are better devastated than no independence. Our motto remains. Freedom or death. And we believe, gentlemen. Finally, victory will surely fall into our hands. Because ALLAH is always on the right side. Believe me brothers! God will protect us all. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Merdeka! 

Bung Tomo heroism is inseparable from the battle of 10 November 1945, which until now celebrated as Heroes' Day. For services struggle, Bung Tomo hero was asked as Indonesia on 10 November 2008.
1. The Scout Movement Members of Indonesia (KBI) Passed Test Pilot Class I (the first in East Java and the second for all of Indonesia), in Indonesia at that time there were only three first-class scout.
2. Parindra secretary of its subsidiary branches in the wall duku, Surabaya around, year 1937.
3. Chairman of the Indonesian Youth ke1ompok theatrical festival in Surabaya, enacting the stories of struggle in 1939 until the Japanese army arrived.

Early Youth:
1. Free lance journalist on the Daily Soeara Oemoem in Surabaya in 1937.
2. Journalist and author of the corner of Java-language daily, Express in Surabaya in 1939.
3. Defender of the People's Weekly editor, at Surabaya in 1938.
4. Maid correspondent for Surabaya, Jogjakarta Timoer Poestaka Magazine, before the war under the tutelage of the late Anjar Asmara.
5. Deputy chief editor of the Japanese occupation Domei news agency the Indonesian language, for the entire 1942 to 1945 in Surabaya, East Java. And proclaim the Declaration of Independence August 17, 1945 in the writings of Java language, along with senior journalists Bintarti Romo (Japanese army to avoid censorship).
6. Chief Editor of Indonesian news agency Antara in Surabaya in 1945.

Physical Revolution period 1945-1949:
1. Chairman of the Public / Rebel helm Barisan Rakyat Indonesia (BPRI) with branches across Indonesia. BPRI educate, train and send armed units throughout the country. Every night from Radio BPRI speech to rekindle the spirit of struggle that is always on the relay by RRI in all regions of Indonesia (1945-1949). As the leader BPRI since October 12, 1945 until June 1947 (until merged in the Indonesian National Army).
2. Advisory Board Members Great Commander General Sudirman.
3. Weapons Production Coordinating Board All Java and Madura.
4. Inaugurated by President Sukarno as a member of the top leaders of Indonesian National Army, with General Sudinnan, Lieutenant General Oerip Soemohardjo, Soerjadarma Commodore, Admiral Nazir and so forth, with the rank of Major General of the army, with the task of coordinator of the Army, Navy, Air Force in the field of information and armament .
5. Members of the Armed Forces Joint Staff.
6. Land Transport Committee chairman (leads the field of railways, inter-city buses and so forth, with the task of coordinating all ground transportation in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia) and directly responsible to the Commander in Chief of TNI.
7. Making the announcement broadcast RI military calls the first.
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author : Willyanto Akbar

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  1. As a young Indonesian nation we must still keep independence and hardworking because the heroes of Indonesia has been so hard against the occupation