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May 30, 2010

Joey Plam

The flora of Indonesia consists of many unique varieties of tropical plants. Blessed with a tropical climate and around 18,000 islands, Indonesia is a nation with the second largest biodiversity in the world. Indonesia has a strange plant, commonly called Joey Palm. Joey Palm that have a scientific name Johannestijsmania altifrons has a very large leaf size reaches six meters. Leaves reach 1 meter wide. Unfortunately only a few are aware of the existence of this unique plant's leaves.

Joey Palm by some quarters (including the Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia) is claimed to be endemic plants of Sumatra, Indonesia which can only be found in the area of Aras Napal, Besitang. An area in Langkat included in the Gunung Leuser National Park area. But from the few references that I can, the unique leaf was also to be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Sarawak, western Borneo and Sumatra, Indonesia.
Joey Palm is one of four species of the genus Johannestijsmania which grows only in Southeast Asia. The leaf is a member of the family Arecaceae (Palm).
Joey Palm the scientific name is taken from the name of Professor Teijsman (Teymann Johannes Elias), a Dutch botanist who first discovered this unique genus of plants in the interior of Sumatra, Indonesia in the early 19th century.
Joey Palm characteristics is unique plant's leaves (Johannestijsmania altifrons) is a member or a palm Palmae (Arecaceae). This unique characteristic of the plant has a leaf-shaped diamond with a size reaching six meters long and one meter wide, although the average is found only along the three-meter and direct the leaves sticking out of the ground because of this unique plant stem just short and usually hidden in the ground.
Unique plant breeding more of the leaf comes from the seeds and saplings rather than a thick leather-covered by a round and toothed.
Because of the size and leaves a strong, local communities, formerly used as a unique leaf roof of his house. Even today many people in Besitang, Langkat who use Joey Palm (Johannestijsmania altifrons) to make the roof of a hut in his fields.
Along the increasing deforestation, forest fires and land clearing so that the plants a big show, which became a unique shade of the leaves is reduced. This resulted in direct sunlight shining on the leaves, which eventually kills the leaves of this unique.
May the leaves of the plants unique to the leaves reach 6 feet in length was still able to survive from extinction even though until now still few people who knew much less notice.
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