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May 30, 2010

Indonesian Youth Reaching Achievements Of The World

Now after 100 years, Indonesia incised resurrection milestone for free from the shackles of colonialism. Condition nations of Indonesia is still colored by weight issues. Poverty and unemployment remain high. Level of education also remains low. But behind it all, many children are successful nation in the international achievement. They are not constrained by circumstances.

Despite 62 years of independent Indonesia and the Indonesian people exactly 100 years pioneered the revival of an era, but the world of education in Indonesia is still facing many fundamental issues.
System that is always changing every change minister, standardized system of graduation, building infrastructure and equipment that is not feasible until a minimal education budget. But there were dozens of Indonesian children successful achievement in the international arena in various fields of physics, mathematics, biology, sports to art.

Science Education
One of them is Stefano Chiesa Suryanto, fifth grade elementary school students of Santa Theresia Jakarta Centre has an extraordinary achievement. The most brilliant achievement was when he managed to obtain a gold medal and was awarded the Best Theory in Mathematics Olympiad for Primary School level in 2007. More boasts Stefano is the youngest participant and won a gold medal at the same time get the highest score.
These trophies and medals in the form of a new charter was only part of a number of awards earned. Stefano began to repeat its success since the third grade elementary school mathematics competition open when following the year in 2005 and managed to become a winner.And it was very unsure Stefano parents will become champion, because he had to beat hundreds of participants. After that, the various championships ranging from national to international level he always follow and get the title.
For children age Stefano may feel hard and scary when dealing with mathematics. But not for Stefano math with the numbers as letters is precisely the language that is both beautiful and full of challenges. The role of parents in educating Stefano to reach this achievement is enormous. Since childhood, his parents instilled values of hard work and discipline to his children.

Unlike a first-class student "SMA Penabur 1". The Children are known to calm respected by peers because of his intelligence. Kevin Winata is his name. The first child of three siblings in April 2008 won a gold medal in Physics Olympiad in Mongolia Asia level. Gold medal is certainly a great honor for Kevin, let alone he brought a nation into the international arena.
Kevin also received cash assistance amounting to 10 million rupiah from the Ministry of National Education. Kevin previously struggled to reach the gold medal in the provincial and national level, National Science Olympiad.
Various prizes such as reaching for the gold medal, a plaque and a sum of money. For Kevin physics are subjects that are easily understood. Learning physics is to learn about the life around it. Learn about physics do not always have the complicated formulas, but with the basic concept is strong.
Kevin originally joined fad provincial championship level physics. When he was still sitting in class two junior high school. From where Kevin continues to hone his ability as he followed the courses of physical activity.
To share the knowledge he was not uncommon to explain and solve the problem of physics to his friends in class. The lesson is a lesson to memorize difficult for Kevin. Lessons of Social Sciences is considered the lessons that take a long time.
Thanks to his performance, Kevin will prove it in an international physics competition championship. He will compete with students from 83 countries worldwide.


Farid Firmansyah, a junior in high school in Bekasi, West Java, managed to become champions in international student chess championship. Although his parents only a small merchant, but the spirit Farid never subsided for the highest achievement.
International achievements in the world sports was very minimal, almost every year in various sports who competed did not show encouraging results. Of the various branches of sport is not winning many competitions in the international world.
Farid known figure of a quiet man, if he wins the chess game, the proceeds of his labor are always given to parents. He became familiar with the chess world which is still sitting in class three elementary schools. Farid almost every day playing chess with anyone. The father who works as a cigarette at the stall traders who saw the talent and ability to directly send their children to School Chess "Utut Hadianto."
This award is the pride of Farid long as he was champion at national and international sporting field of chess. In addition to daily chess classes for six hours a day, Farid also helped his father in a stall selling cigarettes.
To continue to hone and improve their capabilities, Farid reading chess books and playing chess using a computer. Farid's parents hope their children can achieve grand master's degree that will be conducted at the level chess championship this year.

Bryan Jenvoncia, 6.5-year-old son home Pontianak, West Kalimantan, has won a stamp design contest, held the United Nations (PBB). He managed to beat 12 thousand competitors who came from 124 countries. Bryan's work will become the official stamps of the United Nations.
At first glance there is nothing special about the figure of Bryan, the kid who was still sitting in second grade elementary school of this. Every day after school, Bryan directly play like his age or playing with his brother.
Bryan achievement indeed proud to be a stamp design contest winner in the United Nations (PBB), titled "We Can the End Poverty", which Bryan received an award from United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in New York, United States on October 17, 2007.
Actually, Bryan and his parents did not expect to succeed to be a winner, because Brayn must beat 12 thousand participants from 124 countries. Bryan Painting backgrounds of children playing with pieces of old cloth used his mother's sewing. While the mother is seen to sew clothes.
Bryan had a problem when going to the United States with her parents because they have to bear their own costs. But after going through great struggle, the West Kalimantan Provincial Government finally willing to bear the cost of Bryan's departure with his mother to accept the PBB Secretary-General award.
Bryan's talents have seen since he was 3 years old. Since childhood he liked to scribble wall of his house. Bryan who live in a house in Pontianak is also frequented by his friends to learn to paint. Now Bryan began to try to paint on canvas. According to Bryan, painting on canvas more challenging and exciting because it requires mental toughness and high creativity. Bryan hopes to return the successful course. Bryan has collected dozens of trophies and various painting competitions in schools or achievements ever achieve.

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Author : Apit Prasetyo

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