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May 31, 2010

National Cars

After more than 60 years of Indonesia independence, there were no nation's work such as cars or commonly called mobnas to be proud of. However, hopes of a national car apparently began to shine after Indonesian production exhibition in 2009 at Kemayoran, Jakarta which is displaying some cars that made in indonesia.

these cars are:

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Piece of history from the Indonesian fighters

Who does not know this one historian, he is renowned for its youth leaders heroism in stimulating the people to resist the return of Dutch colonizers through NICA troops (British and allies). He is Bung Tomo. His struggle began in front of a table radio broadcasts and articles in newspapers. With a loud and passionate speech, he tried to prod Indonesian fighters fighting spirit. This is a piece of the word struggle from him.
The brothers of the people of Surabaya.
Be prepared! Precarious condition. But I warn you once again. Do not start shooting. Only when we shot. Then we'll change it to attack them. We show that we are people who really want to be independent. And for we brethren. We are better devastated than no independence. Our motto remains. Freedom or death. And we believe, gentlemen. Finally, victory will surely fall into our hands. Because ALLAH is always on the right side. Believe me brothers! God will protect us all. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Merdeka! 
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Soto, sroto, or coto

Soto, sroto, or coto is a typical Indonesian food made from meat and vegetable broth. The most common meat used is beef and chicken, but also pork and lamb. Various regions in Indonesia have their own type of soup, with different content, such as Kediri Soto soto Madura, Soto Betawi, Soto Padang, soto Bandung, Sokaraja soto, soto Banjar, coto Makassar. Soto was also named according to the contents, for example, soto ayam, soto tripe, goat soup. Soto has many similarities with the soup.

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Gudeg is a traditional food from Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia which is made from young Nangka (jack fruit) boiled for several hours with palm sugar, and coconut milk. Additional spices include garlic, shallot, candlenut, coriander seed, galangal, bay leaves, and teak leaves, the latter giving a brown color to the dish. It is also called Green Jack Fruit Sweet Stew. Gudeg is served with white rice, chicken, hard-boiled egg, tofu and/or tempeh, and a stew made of crispy beef skins (sambal goreng krecek).

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May 30, 2010

5 Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

1. Senggigi Beach, Lombok

pantai-senggigi-gado-gadoblogspot.jpg (470×317)

Senggigi Beach is a famous tourist spot in Lombok.
It is located on the west coast of Lombok Island. Senggigi Beach is not as big as Kuta Beach in Bali, but once we were here will feel like staying in Kuta Beach, Bali. Coastal beaches are still beautiful, although there are still littered with trash because the leaves are rarely cleaned. Very beautiful underwater scenery, and tourists can do snorkling much as you like because the wave is not too large. Coral reefs cause waves towered into the middle of the break in the middle. It is also available hotels with prices ranging from expensive to economically valuable hotel.

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The Making of Angklung

Angklung is a kind of music instrument that made from bamboo material and it has special tone and rhytm. Angklung made from some instrument that consist of bamboo tubes with different size. They are arranged and configured on a small frame. To make sound from angklung, you just moves it gently, and unique sound may appear from it.
There are some steps to make angklung, i.e. choosing the bamboo, making the parts of angklung, tuning the voice tube, finishing, and maintenance. Every steps will be explained on next following section.
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Indonesian Aerospace : “Indonesian People Masterpiece”

Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) (Indonesian: PT. Dirgantara Indonesia (DI)) is an Indonesian aerospace company in Asia with core competence in aircraft design, development and manufacturing of civilian and military regional commuter aircraft. The company was formerly known as Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara (IPTN) or Industri Pesawat Terbang Nurtanio (IPTN).

Established in 1976 as a state owned company, it has developed its capability as aircraft manufacturer and diversified its product not only in the field of aircraft but also other area such as Telecommunication, Automotive, Maritime, Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Control & Automation, Military, Simulation Technology, Industrial Turbine, and Engineering Services.

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Philosophy of Javanese Traditional Alphabets (Hanacaraka)

Javanese alphabet or usually called Hanacaraka, is alphabet that inherited from Brahmi alphabet that also used on ancient Javanese manuscript, Maduranese language, Sundanese language, Balinese language, and Sasak tribe language. It has same pattern with Hindi alphabet from India, or famoustly called Pallawa alphabet.
Javanese alphabet, from every alphabet pattern on it, have some philosophy. It based on Hinduism or Buddhism, religion that adopt by ancient Javanese people. These philosophy symbolize the harmony of life between human, God, and nature. Here's the philosophy that explained below.

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Komodo National Park

Indonesia has a diversity of flora and fauna, with its tropical climate, strongly support such diversity. As for all sorts of unique fauna in Indonesia, like a dwarf from Sulawesi, rhinos from Banten, and orangutans from Borneo. This time I will discuss about the komodo dragon, komodo dragon is the animal that originated from Indonesia, komodo dragons have their own island, the island is protected by the government, namely Komodo National Park, lies between the province of East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara.

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Joey Plam

The flora of Indonesia consists of many unique varieties of tropical plants. Blessed with a tropical climate and around 18,000 islands, Indonesia is a nation with the second largest biodiversity in the world. Indonesia has a strange plant, commonly called Joey Palm. Joey Palm that have a scientific name Johannestijsmania altifrons has a very large leaf size reaches six meters. Leaves reach 1 meter wide. Unfortunately only a few are aware of the existence of this unique plant's leaves.

Joey Palm by some quarters (including the Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia) is claimed to be endemic plants of Sumatra, Indonesia which can only be found in the area of Aras Napal, Besitang. An area in Langkat included in the Gunung Leuser National Park area. But from the few references that I can, the unique leaf was also to be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Sarawak, western Borneo and Sumatra, Indonesia.
Joey Palm is one of four species of the genus Johannestijsmania which grows only in Southeast Asia. The leaf is a member of the family Arecaceae (Palm).
Joey Palm the scientific name is taken from the name of Professor Teijsman (Teymann Johannes Elias), a Dutch botanist who first discovered this unique genus of plants in the interior of Sumatra, Indonesia in the early 19th century.
Joey Palm characteristics is unique plant's leaves (Johannestijsmania altifrons) is a member or a palm Palmae (Arecaceae). This unique characteristic of the plant has a leaf-shaped diamond with a size reaching six meters long and one meter wide, although the average is found only along the three-meter and direct the leaves sticking out of the ground because of this unique plant stem just short and usually hidden in the ground.
Unique plant breeding more of the leaf comes from the seeds and saplings rather than a thick leather-covered by a round and toothed.
Because of the size and leaves a strong, local communities, formerly used as a unique leaf roof of his house. Even today many people in Besitang, Langkat who use Joey Palm (Johannestijsmania altifrons) to make the roof of a hut in his fields.
Along the increasing deforestation, forest fires and land clearing so that the plants a big show, which became a unique shade of the leaves is reduced. This resulted in direct sunlight shining on the leaves, which eventually kills the leaves of this unique.
May the leaves of the plants unique to the leaves reach 6 feet in length was still able to survive from extinction even though until now still few people who knew much less notice.
Author: Shera
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Indonesian Youth Reaching Achievements Of The World

Now after 100 years, Indonesia incised resurrection milestone for free from the shackles of colonialism. Condition nations of Indonesia is still colored by weight issues. Poverty and unemployment remain high. Level of education also remains low. But behind it all, many children are successful nation in the international achievement. They are not constrained by circumstances.

Despite 62 years of independent Indonesia and the Indonesian people exactly 100 years pioneered the revival of an era, but the world of education in Indonesia is still facing many fundamental issues.
System that is always changing every change minister, standardized system of graduation, building infrastructure and equipment that is not feasible until a minimal education budget. But there were dozens of Indonesian children successful achievement in the international arena in various fields of physics, mathematics, biology, sports to art.

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May 29, 2010

22 Indonesian Films in Cannes International Film Festival 2010

This year, Indonesia sent 22 film titles on the Cannes International Film Festival to-63 in Paris, France. Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik hoped Indonesia could be a movie in the land of the honored guest.

"We've hosted in their own country. Hence we need to be honored guest at the country people, "he encountered in Kemenbudpar, Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta, Monday (5/10/2010).

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10 Indonesian Athletes Who Triumphed In The International Arena

Ranked 10th, Richard Sambera
Richard Sambera is the swimmer's son born in Jakarta, Indonesia pledge December 19, 1971. He existed from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s this. Her achievements include a gold medal at the Sea Games and a few medals of Asia and the world swimming championships. She currently hosts the television to broadcast sports.

Ranked 9th, Lim Swie King
Swie King, (born in Kudus, Central Java, February 28, 1956, age 53 years) was a badminton player
who had always been a byword since he was able to challenge Rudy Hartono in the final of the All England in 1976 in the age of 20. Then Swie King became heir to the greatness of Rudy's most prestigious championships in that time with three times champion added four times a finalist. When coupled with the tournament "grand prix" the others, his victory Swie King became tens of times. Swie King also contributed a gold medal at the Bangkok Asian Games in 1978, and six-time defending team Thomas Cup. Three of which Indonesia became a champion.
Began playing badminton at the instigation of his parents since childhood hometown Holy, Swie King, who was born February 28, 1956 finally into the PB Djarum club that gave birth to many national players.
After winning the National Sports Week at the age of 17 years, the end of 1973, Liem Swie King recruited into pelatnas headquartered in Hall C Senayan. After 15 years of doing business, Swie King felt he had enough and resigned in 1988. Currently active as a player, Liem famous for its flagship smash hit, such as jumping smash, which was dubbed the King Smash.

Rank 8th, Lisa Rumbewas
Raema Lisa Rumbewas (born in Jayapura, 10 September 1980; age 28 years) was a daughter of weightlifting athletes from Indonesia. He comes from a family of athletes. His father, Levi Rumbewas had become Indonesia's best bodybuilders. While his mother, Ida Korwa also a Lifter. This family may be called a pioneer in Papua weightlifting.
At the Athens Olympics in 2004, Lisa, was so familiar calls, got a silver medal for weightlifting category daughter, 53 kg class of Group A. Previously he had won a silver medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He also received a similar medal at the SEA Games XXI. Rumbewas reappeared at number 53 kg at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, but only occupies the fourth position with a total of 206 kg force.

Rank 7th, Bambang Pamungkas
Bambang Pamungkas (born in Salatiga, Central Java, June 10, 1980, age 29 years) is an Indonesian footballer. Currently he plays for Persija Jakarta in Indonesia and the Main Division League never represent the country in the Indonesian national team football. He used a position as a striker.
While still a young team playing in Central Java, he was never crowned as the best player Haornas Cup, a championship level of teenagers. Bambang was also the top scorer for the squad for Indonesia in the Asian Cup U-19 Group V, with seven goals.
Bambang's first appearance with the senior national team is on July 2, 1999 in a friendly match against Lithuania. Bambang, who was then 18 years old, managed to create a goal in the match which ended in a draw 2-2.
Bambang netted two goals in his first season in the League despite the team represents Indonesia in Jakarta failed to Persija final act. When the season ended, Bambang join a team of Dutch third division, EHC Norad. However, family problems and failures in adapting to the European cool weather caused a few months after that, EHC Norad Bambang lent back to Persija before both parties terminate the contract upon mutual consent.
A year later, Bambang became a top score with eight goals while helping Indonesia to win second Tiger Cup 2002.
Until his last appearance for Indonesia at the 2006 World Cup qualifier against Sri Lanka in September 2004, Bambang has netted 18 goals in 35 appearances. However, injury problems and declining performance (the last time Bambang netted goals for Indonesia is on February 12, 2004) cause it's exit from Indonesia Tiger Cup squad in 2004. When his comrades fighting in the Tiger Cup, Bambang signed a contract with FC Selangor. Until July 2005, he was the top scorer for his team with 22 goals.
Season in 2007 she returned to strengthen the League Persija Jakarta Indonesia.
On July 10, 2007, when Indonesia-Bahrain game, he scored a goal, to ensure Indonesia won 2-1.

Rank 6th, Yayuk Basuki
Sri Rahayu Basuki or better known as Yayuk Basuki (born on November 30, 1970 in Jogjakarta) is a tennis player from Indonesia's most famous in the 1990s.
He began his professional career in 1990. The following year, he became the first Indonesian tennis player who won a professional tournament. Throughout his career, Yayuk successfully obtained six WTA Tour singles title and doubles title of the nine. Best achievement in a Grand Slam tournament was reaching the quarter-finals at Wimbledon in 1997. He retired from professional career in 2004.
The highest ranking ever achieved was the 19th position for the single and the double-nine for the section. Diperolehinya amount of money during his career is U.S. $ 1,645,049.

Rank 5th, Alan Budikusuma
Alan Budikusuma Wiratama Goei aka Fang Ren (born in Surabaya, East Java, March 29, 1968, age 41 years) is a former Indonesian badminton player who won the badminton gold medal at Barcelona Olympics in 1992 in the number of single men. He retired from the world of badminton after the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.
Alan is married to Susi Susanti, who also won the badminton gold medal at Barcelona Olympics.

Ranking 4th, Rudi Hartono
Rudy Hartono Kurniawan (born in Surabaya, East Java, August 18, 1949, age 59 years) is a former Indonesian badminton player. He never won a world championship in 1980 and All-England Championships eight times (seven of them won in a row) in 1960'an and 1970s.

Ranking 3rd, Chris John
Yohannes Christian John, better known as Chris John (born in Jakarta, 14 September 1979; age 29 years) is an Indonesian boxer. He is listed as the third Indonesian boxer who won the world title, after Ellyas Pical and Nico Thomas.

Ranking 2nd, Taufik Hidayat
Taufik Hidayat (born in Bandung, West Java, August 10, 1981, age 27 years) is a singles badminton player from Indonesia who came from SGS Elektrik Bandung club with 176 cm height.
He has a gold medalist for Indonesia at the 2004 Athens Games by beating Shon Seung Mo of South Korea in the final. On August 21, 2005, he became world champion by defeating one of the world rankings game, Lin Dan in the final round, thereby becoming the first son of a single player who holds the title of World Championships and Olympic Games Badminton at the same time. In addition, he also holds the Asian Games singles champion (2002, 2006). He appeared at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, but was immediately defeated in the first match, against Wong Choong Hann in the second round.
In addition, he has also won the Indonesian Open six times: 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006.
Other experiences include the Thomas Cup (2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008) and the Sudirman Cup (1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005).

Rank 1st, Susi Susanti
Lucia Francisca Susi Susanti (born in Tasikmalaya, West Java, February 11, 1971, age 38 years) was an Indonesian badminton player.
He is married to Alan Budikusuma, who won an Olympic gold medal with him in Barcelona in 1992. In addition, he had also won a bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.
International Badminton Federation (now Badminton World Federation) in May 2004 Hall Of Fame awarded to Susi Susanti. Other Indonesian players who received awards Hall Of Fame is Rudy Hartono Kurniawan, Dick Sudirman, Christian Hadinata and Liem Swie King.

source :
author : sinta
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